1955 First-Series Five-Window Chevrolet Pick-up

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Pictures of the truck at the time of purchase (current photos at the bottom of the page):



  • Rear roll pan - I think the rear bumper is nice, but to get rid of the "eye sore" that is the rear turn indicators/brake lights is well worth the compromise of removing the bumper.  The new roll pan will incorporate the brake lights and turn indicators (as well as the extra lights in the bed rolls).  But then again, I might incorporate the tail lights into the fenders - so the bumper might stay...

  • Tail Lights - I definitely do not like the current "bolt on" ones, so I will incorporate the tail lights into the roll pan or the rear fenders.  Still not sure.

  • Shaved door handles - will go nicely with the new bear claw latches being installed.  On my last car I didn't use door poppers, this time I will!  Bear claw latches courtesy of Autoloc.

  • Tail gate - I want to get away from the chain and hook method of securing the tailgate, so I will do something to clean that mess up.  Got a new one with the bed kit from Pro's Pick.

  • Bed planks - Since I currently live in Thailand, I plan on bringing some Teak back with me to use as the bed material.

  • Fuel door - I will add a driver's side Hagan fuel filler door on the rear fender for easy access to new fuel tank.  Courtesy of Hagan.

  • Headlights - I am still thinking about this one.  I am not sure if I want to "French" them or not.  Every time I see a picture of a truck, I like what the owner did and want to go with that look.

  • Exterior trim - I am going to smooth the hood and the door handles.  But I will keep the chrome grill, front bumper, and window trim pieces.

  • Exterior Paint - Currently I am leaning towards Porsche midnight blue, but haven't made up my mind yet.  Also, I will have "real flame" flames coming off the wheel wells.

  • Detail Paint - this color will be one shade off the exterior color.

Body on the old frame

another view

and one more...

new firewall from the passenger's side

... and from the drivers

no firewall !!!

Body filler being applied

found some rust on the driver's rear corner

Cowl vent port

Driver's door hung

floor pans from the outside

passengers air vent removed

My helper taking a break

Mock up

A/C system installed

profile shot

With hood on...


Bed alignment

Bed on truck

Bed and Fender

Front fender primered

Rear fenders primered.  (notice the fuel fill door on the driver's side)

Hinges installed for hood alignment

Primer !!!!

Lookeen' gooood !!

Smooth fire wall

fuel filler

custom running boards

the artist...

Right rear fender

Left rear fender

Left rear from another view

Bed from passengers front

Bed from passengers rear

bed from drivers side

Oh yeah !!!!

Cab and bed installed

Rear view

front end assembly

Looks sharp !!

passenger's side view

our new home...

Partial installation of the teak bedwood

Ryan was a BIG helper with this tedious process


Info Box

Got the wiper posts in but the arms/blades are too long.  Will see what Tuckers has to say about this..