1955 First-Series Five-Window Chevrolet Pick-up

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Drive Line

Drive Line

Drive Line

Pictures of the truck at the time of purchase (current photos at the bottom of the page):


  • Frame - Since the current frame was butchered when the engine was upgraded (and lessons learned from my last build), a new frame is easier and cheaper than attempting to modify this one.  Frame will be courtesy of RB's Automotive.  Also the front will be dropped about 4".  Frame will be powder coated metallic gloss black.  And as you can see from the pictures below, it looks pretty good.

  • Radiator - I am going with an Airmobile polished aluminum center fill radiator.

  • Engine - Since one can not ever have enough horse power and the ZZ4 I used in my Nova was nice, I am going with a SBC that has a minimum of 500 hp at the flywheel.  I am currently looking at this 408 engine from T&L Engines.

  • Transmission - As with my last build, I will be using a Richmond 6-spd manual transmission.  I have reconsidered the transmission and will use a level II 700R4 from Bowtie Overdrives.

  • Fuel tank - 22-gal. stainless steel and will be relocated to the rear of the new frame and will be accessed via the rear fender.  Courtesy of RB's Automotive.  Done, see pictures below.

  • Brakes - 13" Turbo Slotted disc w/4 piston aluminum calipers in front and 14" Turbo Slotted disc w/4 piston aluminum calipers and Parking brake in the rear.  Courtesy of RB's Automotive and Stainless Steel Brakes.

  • Power steering - yes, based on the old reliable Mustang II front end of the chassis.  Courtesy of RB's Automotive.

  • Cruise Control - yes!!  Built into the steering column.

  • Rear End - Currie Limited Slip, hope to have 3.70 gears and 28 spline axles.  Courtesy of RB's Automotive.

  • Wheels - I will be going with Billet Specialties SLX, 18" front and 20" rear.  'nuff said!

Chassis back from powder coating

Attaching the rear end

Nice rear wheels

and front ones too

mock up engine and weight


Dropping in the engine

... with the cab on.

Close up
Finally got the fan, power steering and breathers installed properly.
Info Box

Just finishing up at the local engine shop.