This page is dedicated to discussion of the engine, transmission, suspension and rear-end..

According to Auto Math, my mile E.T. will be ~ 12.19 seconds

Dyno runs






engine_compartment.jpg (40912 bytes)
Original engine Compartment
finished_engine_compartment.jpg (122979 bytes)
Engine compartment after fitting dummy block
front_suspension.jpg (118231 bytes)
Chromed chromoly A-arms and coil-over shocks
front_tires.jpg (122122 bytes)
New tires and wheels
trannie_installed.jpg (134077 bytes)
Richmond 6-spd is installed.   Notice the new steering column
new_gas_tank.jpg (58660 bytes)
The leaf springs were moved inboard ~6".  Notice the gas tank has been modified so the leaf springs can fit.
completed_rear_end.jpg (65458 bytes)
Completed rear end.  Notice the leaf spring, ladder bar, and shock.
painted_engine.jpg (143968 bytes)
Painted engine
engine_compartment_finished.jpg (74033 bytes)
Finished engine compartment

View of the engine compartment from the left front

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21 Jun 2006