This page is dedicated to the electrical system, dashboard, seats, roll cage, carpet, headliner and door panels.






dashboard.jpg (51358 bytes)
front_seats.jpg (26387 bytes)
original front Seats
new_guages.jpg (55109 bytes)
New gauges- notice the original clock blank has the bow tie "cut out".  This is where the shift light now resides.
new_dash_board.jpg (69049 bytes)
The new dash assembly.
rear_kickers.jpg (53464 bytes)
This are the modified roll cage kickers.      The bottom piece is tied-in to the rear frame section.
door_panel.jpg (37027 bytes)
The newly painted door panels
bench_seat.jpg (35571 bytes)
The new rear bench seat
roll_cage_swing_out.jpg (37345 bytes)
Notice the driver's bar  quick release.  It swings out with the door
new_cluster.jpg (71523 bytes)
New paint and chromed pieces for the dashboard.
center_console.jpg (53594 bytes)
Center console with gauges


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21 Jun 2006