This page is dedicated to the paint and body work, as well as the tires and wheels.








front_view.jpg (72121 bytes)
Front view

left_side_from_rear.jpg (57428 bytes)
 Left rear view
right_side_from_front.jpg (80369 bytes)
Right front view
rear_view.jpg (57442 bytes)
Rear view
paint_shop_bound.JPG (153653 bytes)
Going to the sandblasting shop
leaving_at_body_shop.jpg (182966 bytes)
Freshly sand blasted and epoxy primered at body shop
painted_right_side_from_front.jpg (37944 bytes)
New right front view
right_side_from_rear.jpg (53650 bytes)
This is after the weather-stripping and the door glass were installed
car_show_right_side.jpg (50516 bytes)
Car show at Viejas Casino
car_show_rear_right.jpg (52000 bytes)
Car show at Viejas Casino


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31 Aug 2006