Below are quick links to the projects I am currently working on or have completed.  Please use the below links and enjoy.  NOTE: I hope that you will get some benefit from my trials/tribulations and that the below information will help in your projects. 

Cocktail Arcade Cabinet

Fully documented process of designing and fabricating a Cocktail Arcade Cabinet for my house.  I currently have just over 1100 working games.  Next project, a full-sized upright cabinet!

Bicycle Frame

 Again, the trials and tribulations of my attempt to design and fabricate a custom bicycle frame.  This is my third frame, but it has been a few years since I built one...

1964 Chevy II Nova

 I purchased the car as second choice.  I originally wanted a 1962 Cadillac.  This section is my first attempt at documenting a project - the detailed chronicles of the rebuilding of my '64 Chevy II.

1955 Chevy Truck

The 1954 Chevrolet trucks were carried over for part of the 1955 model year, as the new, redesigned 1955 trucks weren't quite ready.  These early versions were known as first series.  Essentially the same truck as the 1954 model.  March 25, 1955 the new Task Force trucks (1955-1959) were introduced.  My latest acquisition is a five-window 1st series.

Upright Arcade Cabinet

Going off the lessons learned with my first arcade cabinet attempt, I decided to make an upright cabinet.  First things first, the drawings...

1965 Chevelle SS

The purpose, right now, is to have a project so my boys and I can work on it together so they can have a car when they get older.